As-salāmu ʿalaykum السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ (meaning in English) "peace be upon you



Muhammad is not at all a father to any one
male among you But he is the (last)
Messenger of Allah and is
the finality of Prophethood."
(Al-Quraan - XXXIII: 40)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Islam certainly is the religion of peace. This peace has no boundaries; my Deen has no areas where brutalism is permissible. My religion extends the Noor of peace not only to the kind of humanism but to the kind of non humanism. The creations with reason have been putting enormous pressure to discover a human life for human beings and we know that the earth have seen flood of isms to control the human behaviours for the sake of attaining prosperous worldly life.

Where we have seen isms and brutal wars and so called revolutions which remained in vain. History told us the prophets of God, who came on earth with the will of God to specific nations. God sent books to them nations which they been changing according to their own will. Again the earth has seen the prophets of God which the nations disrespected, the books of God which these nations changed and distorted.

Humanity was waiting for a solution, a perfection to arrive, a nobility to see. The only one Muhammad (SAW) to come.

The final word was the cry of the human beings. The time was set, the noor was ordained to come and then MUHAMMAD   was sent. The final message QURAN was sent along with he final messenger MUHAMMAD,  Prophet MUHAMMAD   is the final messenger of ALLAH and the QURAN is the final word of ALLAH.

There is no prophet after Muhammad . Anyone who proclaims to be a messenger or a prophet is an imposter and an absolute a non Muslim in any form and manner.

Dear Brothers and sisters, be careful and dont let these imposters to deface the beauty of our religion. Make yourselves aware of these devilish ideologies and protect our generations.

I request all of you to support Cradley Heath Central Mosque and Islamic Centre to promote Islamic awareness.
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On the authority of Abu Harayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) from the Prophet (PBUH), who said: Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said:

"Spend on charity, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you". – (Al-Bukhari also by Muslim)


Whoever is kind, Allah will be kind to him; therefore be kind to man on the earth. He who is in heaven will show mercy on you. - (Abu Dawud: Tirmidhi)


Surah Al-Tawba

The mosques of Allah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish regular prayers, and practice regular charity, and fear none (at all) except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance. (18)


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